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Handling Errors

But, what happens when there is an error?

When there is an error, the regular control flow is stopped and the execution is moved back to all the middlewares that implemented a special phase called onError, following the same order as after.

Every onError middleware can decide to handle the error and create a proper response or to delegate the error to the next middleware.

When a middleware handles the error and creates a response, the execution is still propagated to all the other error middlewares and they have a chance to update or replace the response as needed. At the end of the error middlewares sequence, the response is returned to the user.

If no middleware manages the error, the Lambda execution fails reporting the unmanaged error.

// Initialize response
request.response = request.response ?? {}

// Add to response
request.response.add = 'more'

// Override an error
request.error = new Error('...')

// handle the error
return request.response