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This handler can route to requests to one of a nested handler based on routeKey of an WebSocket event from API Gateway (WebSocket).


To install this middleware you can use NPM:

npm install --save @middy/ws-router


  • routes (array[{routeKey, handler}]) (required): Array of route objects.
    • routeKey (string) (required): AWS formatted route key. ie $connect, $disconnect, $default
    • handler (function) (required): Any handler(event, context, {signal}) function


  • Errors should be handled as part of the router middleware stack or the lambdaHandler middleware stack. Handled errors in the later will trigger the after middleware stack of the former.
  • Shared middlewares, connected to the router middleware stack, can only be run before the lambdaHandler middleware stack.

Sample usage

import middy from '@middy/core'
import wsRouterHandler from '@middy/ws-router'
import wsResponseMiddleware from '@middy/ws-response'
import validatorMiddleware from '@middy/validator'

const connectHandler = middy()
.use(validatorMiddleware({eventSchema: {...} }))
.handler((event, context) => {
return 'connected'

const disconnectHandler = middy()
.use(validatorMiddleware({eventSchema: {...} }))
.handler((event, context) => {
return 'disconnected'

const routes = [
routeKey: '$connect',
handler: connectHandler
routeKey: '$disconnect',
handler: disconnectHandler

export const handler = middy()