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AWS Relational Database Service (RDS)


This page is a work in progress. If you want to help us to make this page better, please consider contributing on GitHub.

First, you need to pass in a password. In order from most secure to least: RDS.Signer, SecretsManager, SSM using SecureString. SSM can be considered equally secure to SecretsManager if you have your own password rotation system.

Additionally, you will want to verify the RDS certificate and the domain of your connection. You can use this sudo code to get you started:

import tls from 'tls'

const ca = `-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- ...`

connectionOptions = {
ssl: {
rejectUnauthorized: true,
checkServerIdentity: (host, cert) => {
const error = tls.checkServerIdentity(host, cert)
if (
error &&
) {
return error

Corresponding RDS.ParameterGroups values should be set to enforce TLS connections.